NO Selling Required
  • Receive recurring commissions while helping practitioners improve the efficiency and profitability of their practice.
  • Simply refer practitioners who provide nutritional supplement services to the VYACARE Functional Nutrition, Practice Management Software.
  • VYACARE makes the referral process easy by providing customized informational materials that direct practitioners to sign up for a FREE, 30-Day Trial and Training. These informational materials include a unique 4-digit, Promo Code that ties the practitioner to the referring Affiliate.
  • Following the FREE Trial, practitioners are encouraged to convert to a VYACARE paid monthly subscription plan which includes entering the Affiliate’s Promo Code. By entering the Code, VYALUX waives the subscription Setup Fee and the practitioner and Affiliate are linked.
  • Practitioners may include chiropractors, medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, craniosacral therapists, and any other healthcare professional utilizing nutritional supplementation.
A Perpetual, Passive & Growing Income
  • When a coded practitioner purchases a VYACARE software subscription plan, the Affiliate is notified immediately of the action via email.
  • VYACARE Customer and Technical Support teams are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day, service and support relationship with the Affiliate’s practitioners.
  • Affiliates just sit back, month after month, year after year, receiving a commission on each and every subscription payment made by the Affiliate’s coded practitioners for as long as the practitioner continues to make subscription payments.

For additional information or to get started, please contact:

Bud Leinenger at